Malta Woman's 1st league
랭킹 경기 승점
1 버커카라 (여) 18 16 2 0 50
2 스위이 유나이티드 FC (W) 18 12 2 4 38
3 임자르 유나이티드 (W) 18 12 1 5 37
4 Raiders Lija (W) 17 9 1 7 28
5 키르코프 유나이티드 (W) 18 6 1 11 19
6 San Gwann FC (W) 17 1 2 14 5
7 Martal Method (w) 18 1 1 16 4

Malta Woman's 1st league

Until the 2011–12 season there were eight teams in the league. The teams played each other twice for a total of 14 matches each. After that the champion qualifies to the UEFA Champions League and the last two places are relegated to the Maltese Seceond Division. Since then the format has changed a lot. In the 2012–13, after the regular season the top four played a championship group and the bottom placed four teams played the relegation round. Points of the regular season and the second stage were added. In 2013–14 there was just one stage, where seven teams played each other three times. Also there was a title decider match after the top two teams were tied on points. Hibernians won the title over Birkirkara in a penalty shootout. In 2014–15 there were eleven teams, and again a championship group to which the top six after the regular season qualified. For 2015–16 the league was reduced to six teams.They play each other four times for a total of 20 matches per team.